Watercolour - Rosemary Mercer


w a t e r c o l o u r

recent works by Rosemary Mercer

October 4 - 24

In these paintings I have tried to use the essential nature of watercolour – it’s lightness, the vagaries of the water with the colour, its ability to move and merge and change and its inherent beauty - to capture the air, the water, the earth, the natural world.


I have been painting for twelve years. During that time I have attended classes regularly at the WSA, learning a great deal from my tutor Delys Lodge and from my fellow painters. I have exhibited in Wellington with the NZ Watercolour Society, in Cambridge at their bi-annual exhibitions and twice at Artspost. one of which was with my daughter, Jacqueline Aust, printmaker. I have participated in several weekend courses , and in two week-long courses with Tony Smibert in Tasmania, all of which have been invaluable.

Rosemary Mercer