The Beach - Nicholas Melchese



The Beach

paintings that look like paintings


Nicholas Megchelse


September 9 - October 6

This paragraph from Alex Garland's novel 'The Beach' captures a lot about my process and thoughts about art in general and is the inspiration for the title of this exhibition .
"The aim was to leave the perfect footprint, and it was a lot harder and more preoccupying than it might sound. If the sand was the dry side of damp, the footprint crumbled; the moist side and it melted as the squeezed-out water seeped back in. Then there was the application of pressure. The toes sank too deeply with a normal step and flawed the imprint. The alternative, taking an artificial step with even pressure, created a good imprint at the cost of ethics. This was the compromise I wrestled with. In this way I made my way along the beach, hopping, pausing, groaning, mashing up bad prints in frustration. My eyes were always pointed downwards, so I didn't realise I'd reached my friends until I was within a couple of metres of them."
 The Beach by Alex Garland, 1996