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pewter blue frame for red theme

Yindi Chin by Christian Develter

This structured profile in the pewter blue serves this striking piece well

White with maple edge

Summer theme

The contemporary lines of this profile suits the summery theme of this screen print by Tony Ogle

Clay Smoking Pipes

circa 1600's

A collection of antique clay smoking pipes displayed in a perspex case. Each piece was sewn to the backing, without any glues

Tree Fern

Stuart MacKenzie

'Tree Fern' Limited Edition print by Raglan photographer Stuart MacKenzie, framed in redwood Instagram : #stuartmacknz

Museum Glass

The ultimate clarity & anti-reflective nature of Museum Glass allows you to see the subtle detail in this pastel portrait. It is also has full UV protection to prevent any fading

Rakai Karaitiana


An original screen print 'floating' in a simple deep frame with a natural oak finish