Fabric Art and Needlework Framing

Embroidery and fabric art need special handling. We lace or stretch all fabric work over an acid-free board and ensure that our framing methods protect the work inside the frame. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with the Waikato Embroiderers Guild, and have admired many intricate pieces!


This woven bag from Peru is suspended within a box frame between UV acrylic.

We lace the embroideries onto an acid free support board.

This three dimensional 'stump work' embroidery is set behind the conservation glass with the combination of the inner frame and a spacer under the rebate.

The understated style of this embroidery on linen is complemented by setting it within the frame with an inner frame that is covered with the same linen. The embroidery is padded slightly. The glass is lifted from the embroidery by the inner frame.

The inner blue frame in this traditional wooden frame is a perfect look for this Amish style embroidery.

A pleasant colour combo for this intricate piece.

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