Our gallery showcases and supports local artists, presenting a wide range of work including painting, photography, installation and sculpture.

  • 20 April - 15 May 2024

    Small Moments

    plein air paintings by Eleanor Gee

    Introducing Raglan artist Eleanor Gee. This exhibition features a selection of plein air works inspired by nature. Plein Air was made an art form by the French Impressionists. These works capture the ephemeral qualities of light, colour & movement.

  • 29 November - 19 December 2023

    Carmel van der Hoeven

    m i c r o s t u d i e s

    “micro studies” It’s a process where I take my work that is gestural and intuitive and then focus on a very small section, break it down and recreate it as a study of my own mark making Carmel van der Hoeven

  • Hands that Make - Lynda Wilson

    An exhibition of ceramics complemented by small experimental abstract pieces

  • 2 October - 21 October 2023

    '30' celebrating 30 years

  • Heather Campbell

    Heather Campbell A studio Collection December 7 2018 - January 25 2019   Still life My neighbour grows interesting flowers and I collect old jugs. Fiordland I have been painting landscape inspired by towering landforms, surging seas,...

  • Meditative tone : Mayumi Sherburn

    Meditative tone a collection of understated collages Mayumi Sherburn   November 9 - December 6   opening preview Friday November 9, 5.30 - 7pm   I cherish the process of making collages, touch of paper... spontaneous...

  • From the Quiet

    From the Quiet Marise Rarere   A contemplative collection of drawings & paintings   September 21 - November 8    

  • Place in Time - Peter Dornauf

    Place in Time Peter Dornauf Paintings & Sculpture August 3 - September 7   These large formatted canvases are a series of paintings I have been working on recently that capture, in both abstract and photographic representation, a...

  • 13 July - 2 August 2018

    Textile Art : Sue McCurdy

    Through My Eyes Textile Art Sue McCurdy   July 13 - August 2   Opening Friday July 13 , 5.30 - 7pm   These pieces are an expression of things I see and enjoy in the natural environment. Each piece has a representation of a...