Conservation Framing

The purpose of framing is not only to present it in a visually pleasing way, but also to protect it. To conserve your piece,  we use the best archival materials currently available to the framing industry:

  • Acid-free, museum-grade matt boards
  • Acid-free backings
  • Acid-free hinging tapes
  • Four grades of Conservation glass, including ultra clear AR70 glass and museum-grade non-glare glass.
  • UV-control conservation Acrylic

We take the best of care in handling and storing the artwork until it is secured in the frame.

We also offer degree framing to keep you degree or diploma in perfect condition.


Newly restored art pieces often require reframing complementary to its era

This simple etching is an original Renoir. Mindful of the significance of such a piece we used materials of full Museum grade. The simple black fine line complements the line of the figure. The subtle quality of the soft silver Bellini frame has given presence to the small scale of the print.

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