Framing of Objects, Medals and Memorabilia

Whatever you would like to display, we can present it in a way that will not only make it stand out creatively, but protect it as well. We devise methods to support the piece that will not alter or damage it.

We specialise in all kinds of sports memorabilia and sports jerseys, medals and historic items.

This contemporary kete is presented simply in a white box frame

Each item in this collection of silver pieces has been attached with wire, hidden within the piece. No glues have been used.

We custom make acrylic display cases. This is a clean, contemporary solution to present any three dimensional artwork or object. This contemporary woven cloak has been sewn to a backing lined with linen.

These military medals have been mounted by NZ Military Medals and attached with linen thread to the fabric matt board backing. The medallion is attached with metal clasps. No glues have been used
The plaque is manufactured by Emblems NZ Ltd

These medals representing achievement in sailing required individual captions, glued under each medal. It was important to create a balance in the window openings & layout to present the variety of medal shapes.

We specialise in the framing of sports jerseys and all forms of sports memorabilia. We often include extra details like photos, medals and labels. We work on creating a balanced layout, advising and arranging the printing of the best size of photograph that may be required.

These medals & badges are attached to the linen matt board by piercing the board & securing them from the back, with extra support from linen thread. No glue has been used

Setting these painted cigarette tins in laser cut perspex allowed both sides to be shown

Framing a momento from a dive trip in Fiorland

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