Still Life, Still : Ulrike Schaefer

Still Life, Still

Photomontage by Ulrike Schaefer

April 7 - May 4

When we think of still life, we often picture it in a traditional sense - a 'timeless' arrangement of inanimate objects, as flowers in a vase or fruits in a basket, often within a rather narrowly confined space. But what if we extend this space and bring still life into surroundings, that are not so still, as the domestic environment, where things are happening and time is passing ? How does our perception change? Is it still life, still?

When we think of a photograph we often believe that reality itself is inscribed in it. But what if, what we perceive as an accurate representation of reality, is a fabrication altogether? Does this change the way we see a photograph?

This body of work invites to investigate these questions.

Each Still Life is made as hand cut photomontage. The final work is a photographic print on premium archival paper

Ulrike Schaefer