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Peter Adsett

No. 10/18  Acrylic paint, paper on MDF board Peter Adsett is an artist represented by PAULNACHE gallery, Gisborne www.paulnache.com  

Waste Not Want Not

These frames we make out of remnants & seconds stock. The sizes vary at random proportions or standard photo frame sizes. Often there is the perfect solution for a small piece. The easy prices make it a good way to go for that eclectic mix in a...

Australian Tones

The warm dry tones of this Australian Landscape sit nicely within the linen slip & grey frame

Before ... & After

This old gold frame seems to overtake the image. We chose a softer, quieter frame which draws you into the image

Tawhai Rickard

These are a part of a series of tiny, supercharged paintings on ply. The koru pattern in the frame is a perfect reference to the art

War medals & memorabilia

We present a wide variety of medals & memorabilia, creating a balanced layout that best tells the story

Perspex Case - A Friendly Squadron

Paul Judd

A collection of quirky cardboard cutouts by our friend the late Paul Judd

Chinese Coins

These coins all varied in size & thickness. They are set on circle cutouts in the velvet red matt board, secured in without any glues.

Plaster Cast

This fragile uneven block we set into a white tray frame, set back to protect the edges