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Vintage poster


This certified original poster from 1924 called for full conservation framing.

Soft Silver Tones

  Soft silver tones of this profile allows the focus to remain on the Red Sails & the Light in this oil painting

Portrait by Erika Venter

  This portrait required no more than this favourite Classic frame

Ruru with Weta

A contemporary drawing presented with a Victorian touch  

Peter Adsett

No. 10/18  Acrylic paint, paper on MDF board Peter Adsett is an artist represented by PAULNACHE gallery, Gisborne www.paulnache.com  

Waste Not Want Not

These frames we make out of remnants & seconds stock. The sizes vary at random proportions or standard photo frame sizes. Often there is the perfect solution for a small piece. The easy prices make it a good way to go for that eclectic mix in a...

Australian Tones

The warm dry tones of this Australian Landscape sit nicely within the linen slip & grey frame

Before ... & After

This old gold frame seems to overtake the image. We chose a softer, quieter frame which draws you into the image

Tawhai Rickard

These are a part of a series of tiny, supercharged paintings on ply. The koru pattern in the frame is a perfect reference to the art