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Perspex Case - A Friendly Squadron

Paul Judd

A collection of quirky cardboard cutouts by our friend the late Paul Judd

Chinese Coins

These coins all varied in size & thickness. They are set on circle cutouts in the velvet red matt board, secured in without any glues.

Plaster Cast

This fragile uneven block we set into a white tray frame, set back to protect the edges

Linen Border

We have utilised a linen matt board with an inner frame to surround this portrait on canvas. This is a good solution when we are looking for a surround that does not require glass. The texture of the linen is also a pleasing complement to the stye of...

Tongan Tapa and Carving

A presentation in appreciation of good service  

New Naturals

  This image by photographer Grace Carson floats within this deep natural box frame. Simple and pleasing. …click to view another aspect