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Historical New Zealand engravings

A simple oak finish frame is all that is required for this set of engravings, found in an antique shop in London

Chinese Folk Art

A collection from travels in China.

Keeping it subtle

We have utilised the double thick circle matt & a small hidden spacer to accommodate slight padding in this Elizabethan embroidery. The elegant Bellini range of mouldings are a perfect match to the theme of the piece

Areez Katki

Hand Embroidered work on antique fabric by Areez Katki, represented at Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland Sewn to backing & set within a minimal white frame, enhanced by the ultra clear, antireflective Museum Glass


A statement made with this fine Bellini frame. Fitted with full conservation materials & the Museum glass

Painted Cigarette tins

John Walsh

Setting this set of painted tins in laser cut perspex allowed both sides to be seen.

Memories of Costa Rica

This is a great opportunity to play with colour

Heirloom Tapa

This old family heirloom, fragile in some places is sewn securely to the backing, set behind UV100 perspex.

Vintage poster


This certified original poster from 1924 called for full conservation framing.