Our gallery showcases and supports local artists, presenting a wide range of work including painting, photography, installation and sculpture.

  • 3 August - 31 August 2017

    Nichola Ahlers : drawings in colour

    Little Critters

    August 3 - 31 This exhibition is a series of framed drawings in coloured pencil.

  • 12 May - 8 June 2017

    A Day in the Life - Kym Gilchrist

    A Day in the Life new paintings by Kym Gilchrist May 12 - June 8 These works are my observation of people doing activities they love and of the things they love…. everyday stuff. Kym Gilchrist All work Acrylic on board  

  • 7 April - 4 May 2017

    Still Life, Still : Ulrike Schaefer

    Still Life, Still Photomontage by Ulrike Schaefer April 7 - May 4 When we think of still life, we often picture it in a traditional sense - a 'timeless' arrangement of inanimate objects, as flowers in a vase or fruits in a basket, often within a...

  • 10 March - 6 April 2017

    Found in the Background Anna Fairley

    Found in The Background New Paintings by Anna Fairley March 10 - April 6   I love art which is quietly ridiculous, and I guess that is also what I try to create in my work, finding hidden depth and humour in unexpected places. This...

  • 10 February - 9 March 2017

    #stillhere - Emma Mudgway

    An investigation into the visual language of the selfie

    #stillhere Emma Mudgway 2017, Graphite on Paper. February 10 - March 9   The process of making self portraits stretches back through recorded history, with early examples discovered from Ancient Egypt. However, the modern practice of selfie...

  • Birders' Paradise

    Illustrations by Daron Parton

    Birders' Paradise Illustrations by Daron Parton November 18 - December 23 Illustrations of New Zealand birds for the birder / birdwatcher / twitcher Limited Edition Prints

  • Papakainga

    Hiria Anderson

    Papakāinga Hiria Anderson Ngāti Maniapoto October 7 - November 17 Papakāinga is a series of work that shows life as it happens in the rohe of Waipa and Maniapoto. Hiria recently completed her MFA studies at Whitecliffe College of Art and...

  • 9 September - 6 October 2016

    The Beach - Nicholas Melchese

      The Beach paintings that look like paintings   Nicholas Megchelse   September 9 - October 6 This paragraph from Alex Garland's novel 'The Beach' captures a lot about my process and thoughts about art in general and is...

  • 12 August - 8 September 2016

    Spooky action at a distance

    Spooky action at a distance Abstract watercolours Cara Fotofili August 12 - September 9   This is a series of contemporary abstract works made for my masters degree at Wintec. They emerge from both scientific images and ideas, and from the...