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Tongan Tapa and Carving

A presentation in appreciation of good service  

New Naturals

  This image by photographer Grace Carson floats within this deep natural box frame. Simple and pleasing. …click to view another aspect

Watercolour by Jane Evans

The classic silver frame does justice to this original watercolour by the late Nelson artist Jane Evans. The silver works perfectly on the taupe wall colour.

Ink Drawing on Cotton Paper

This steep natural frame complements this beautiful ink drawing by Donna-Marie Patterson www.donna-mariepatterson.com    

Waste not want not

These frames we make out of remnants & seconds stock. The sizes vary at random proportions or standard photo frame sizes. Often there is the perfect solution for a small piece. The easy prices make it a good way to go for that eclectic mix in a...

Another Gem by Jane Siddall

This gauche & gold leaf painting was a part of a series of work Jane Siddall shown at Creative Waikato. The painting was a shaped piece with a gold leaf aperture. The double frame, combined with a hidden spacer has complemented the 3D relief detail....