New Abstractions : Ulrike Schaefer

New Abstractions

Digital Collage Works by Ulrike Schaefer

October 6 - November 2


My work is as much about formal elements – shape, colour, line or space – as it is about process. I like to recycle; I deconstruct the old to reconstruct the new. I create digital collage.


Recycling only, and often long forgotten, photographs from my own image library, I cut, paste, arrange, re-arrange and layer, although not necessarily in this order. Using visual elements beyond their original context and so expanding their boundaries to create a new ‘reality’ is discovery, and this excites me.


While working with a digital medium for its almost endless creative possibilities, my vision for my art has nonetheless always been governed by my outlook as a Fine Art photographer. That is for me not only the importance of composition, but also the importance of creating work, which invites viewers to engage and discover.

Ulrike Schaefer